Portrait of Danny Vint produced as a wet plate.

Danny Vint, an artist dedicated to capturing the beauty of the natural world, specializes in black and white infrared photography. His work aims to seize the ethereal and often overlooked beauty of landscapes, offering a unique perspective. Through his use of infrared photography, Danny Vint creates stunning, dream-like images that challenge conventional ideas of landscape photography. His art is designed to transport the viewer to a world where reality and fantasy converge. Danny Vint has showcased his work in various group exhibitions.

Group Exhibitions




  • Exhibition of Photography, Del Mar, California
    Honerable Mention in Still Life section – June 2024
  • 18th Annual Black and White Spider Awards
    Honorable mention, Americana section – Nov 2023
  • Exhibition of Photography, Del Mar, California
    Second Place in Night Photography section – June 2023

Other Sites

  • Danny Vint blog site with travelogs and behind the scenes images
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